Working Together

Whether a new business is to be set up or an existing business is ready for change, the motivation has to be strong to overcome obstacles and fight back hesitancy or doubt in order to achieve the outcome sought. For this reason, it’s imperative that any business owner or leader is clear about and committed to understanding what the ‘fire’ is that fuels the ongoing desire to be in business.

One of the most important parts of my work is to help clients find or rediscover that ‘fire’, to find what truly inspires and enriches them – and which influences and impacts people with whom they work side-by-side as well as those that they serve.

This may sound easy, and in some cases, it actually is. I have worked with clients that are very certain about their business objectives and offerings. And I have worked with clients that have just taken the leap to entrepreneurship without spending a lot of time on the foundational elements of their business and why it matters to their prospective clients.

Taking time to consider, frame and convey the intentions of one’s business mission or goals really forms the pivot point between success and failure.

What should we expect of each other?

To realize the business shifts that you have in mind, I need your time and effort to help me learn directly, and as fully as possible, from you and possibly your staff or team, what you have in mind for the business or project and why it excites you.

At the same time that we look to highlight and celebrate successes, I will ask that you honestly and fully discuss and detail the challenges or problems that could hold back progress or ultimate achievement.

In the beginning I’ll ask that you provide me with a ‘snapshot’ that captures a lot of the details of your business or project so I can obtain a better understanding of what has been put in place already and where opportunities may lay for the work to be done and desired results obtained.

It’s the detailed information that you tell me, in the beginning and throughout our engagement, which will truly let me set out the steps that we need to take or course correct along the way.

I believe in preparation and take the time to know what any upcoming meeting or activity with you may require for us to gain the full benefit of our time together. And I don’t provide consulting by the minute or hour but rather work to achieve our result even if it requires more time than anticipated or proposed.

Don’t know what you don’t know?

You may be worried that you don’t really have the answers to get us going. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly how to answer some questions or even what the goals might be. Clients are often overwhelmed with the breadth of possibility and amount of work that confronts them as they seek to build, realign or expand their businesses.

What you do need to know is that, for both you and I, it takes fortitude to stick with this process of building or evolution, gumption to speak up whenever it’s imperative to do so, and tireless conviction that it is the course of action to achieve what you seek.

And then you will have a business vision brought to reality.

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