Putting our heads down and getting to the business of understanding problems and finding solutions is always most important. Not everyone understands how to get to that point, though. That’s why I’m always most excited to share my story.

I know that my knowledge and experience helps keen listeners discover that they are ready to open the door to possibility and change things up.

Listen to Hear Your Business Evolution Knocking…

let’s discover, together.

Tassey’s audiences learn awareness about needed or possible shifts in their personal branding and messaging, content and campaign marketing, and social selling. They  leave knowing that they CAN spectacularly succeed in today’s competitive business environment and they feel empowered to take the next step to make that level of success happen.

Most importantly, those who spend time with Tassey understand that it need not be about making radical change but instead creating a reasonable glide path that sets them on an evolutionary trajectory toward fulfillment, service and achievement.

Topic that Tassey regularly addresses include:

Messaging & Presence

  • Unique Value Propositions for Compelling Business Messaging
  • Online Presence for Powerful ‘Influencer’ Positioning
  • Supercharged Networking Through Building Connections Rather Than Collections
  • Public Speaking to Increase Influence and Revenue

  • Client Conversations That Move Past Hesitancy to Heroic Salesmanship
  • Social Selling Strategies
Content Marketing & Promotion

  • Content Marketing To Connect, Captivate and Convert (Circles of Profit)
  • Inexpensive, Easy-to-Produce But Highly Effective Video Content
Tassey is available for speaking engagements, executive roundtables and workshops at corporate events, industry conferences, and small group or team meetings.
To talk with Tassey about her speaking at your event or meeting, please contact Tassey at