Tell Your Story

There’s a reason you are where you are. It may be well-planned or unintentional, but the motivating force to get up each day and really ‘hit it’ has to be clear in your mind and felt in your heart.


Because it is your story, and your story fuels and energizes your purpose so you will be absolutely jazzed about it.

And if you are, others will be, too.

But here’s the hitch. Your clarity of purpose still isn’t there. It’s hard to put words to it and, importantly, make strong values-based statements about your expertise and services, and why your client market wants what you have to offer.

But a razor sharp statement of purpose is critical to your success. It is the basis of both your personal and company vision which can then be reframed as your focused mission to help others understand how you can help them.

And then you will have a message to bring out to the world.

Now Imagine

… you are able to uncover or experience once again those deeply felt reasons why you are so zealously committed to your business and those you serve.

Now Imagine

… you are able combine those reasons with your personal story to find just the right words to craft your ‘message’ and present your business in a way that’s so compelling that it’s irresistible to your ideal client.

Working with Tassey will Let You:

  • Revisit and Verify Personal Value Statements To Reflect Your Key Intentions
  • Review Company Core Message, Vision and Mission vis-à-vis Values Statements
  • Develop an Expert Authority Profile Based on Top-level Skills & Proficiencies
  • Create a Short, Market Focused Positioning Messaging (aka Elevator Pitch)
  • Write a Personal Story (About Me Copy) To Captivate & Compel Others to Get in Touch
  • Redo Social Media Profiles for Consistent Presentation of Core Message & Personal Brand
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Website Copy and Layout in Relation to Your Core Message

Let’s talk about how we can get started on

telling your story!