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Business Points of Performance [BizPoP #8]:  Why Personal Narrative Will Enhance Your Brand   

Video Length  - 13:09
Telling a strong personal narrative is a critical component to creating a memorable and attractive brand.

PERSONNAL NARRATIVE is the process of unearthing life stories

Business Points of Performance [BiZPoP #7]: Taking Time to Refresh and Get Energized  

Video Length:  7:25

Business owners are some of the most driven people I've ever met. They work insanely long hours and usually 6 or 7 days a week.

Business Points of Performance [BizPoP #6]:  Using Emotional Intelligence in Selling   

Video Length  -  10:13

For any business owner, understanding how to sell effectively is crucial to overall success. While there are several sales techniques that can be used, one of

Business Points of Performance [BizPoP #5]:  Value Statements   

Video Length  -  8:57

We've all been at a networking event or meeting where we have been asked that question, "What do you do?"  It's often one that many do not know how to

Business Points of Performance [BiZPoP #4]:  Bringing Your Whole Self
Video Length:  12:20

Every successful business has one area that is absolutely crucial to its success. Sales.

But what makes a great sales person? Sure, there are individuals who have a natural talent

Business Points of Performance [BizPoP #3]:   Meeting Spaces - Throw Convention Aside!
Video Length:  5:30

For so many years meeting spaces were almost always considered to be an office or conference room. The 'best' meeting spaces were those considered to have

Business Points of Performance [BiZPoP #2]:  Accountability
Video Length:  5:48
There are days when you just don't want to tackle something that's in front of you or that you promised to do. Sometimes it's easier to get motivated and do what needs

Business Points of Performance [BiZPoP #1]:  Advice for Greater Success in Closing Sales
Video Length:  9:03

Closing sales is likely one of the most difficult things we do as professionals. Some individuals seem to have a natural talent for selling and jump