Tell Me a Story Video Series – Video 2

Why Personal Narratives and Stories are So Important in Developing a Memorable Brand


Video 2: Pieces of Us

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A few years ago, I became a tad bit obsessed with a particular video I ran across on my Facebook feed. It was of a toddler in a pink snowsuit who was walking on ice for the first time. She planted her feet here and there to break the ice and then at one point, almost gracefully considering her age, she caught herself from falling backward. Undeterred, she bent forward to explore the ice further. And there it was. Kerplunk! She met the ice head on! Fortunately, her padded hood made contact with the ground before her face could.

I couldn’t stop laughing. I had no idea who she was or where she lived, but I would watch that 16-second video over and over again. It made me happy.

Babies, cats, giraffes, dogs. Facebook Live videos from the food section of Walmart, shimmering water images with sunset reflections or a quote in elegantly rendered typography. Longer online articles or short newsletter emails. Stage presentations or conference speeches.

All of these will have some type of story behind their creation or within their message. The intent may be to pass along information or to be inspirational. Some may just be to let you know what’s happening.

As readers, listeners or viewers we may experience any number of emotions, from anger to absolute delight. Maybe we remember or maybe we experience something for the first time.

Every video, post, article, speech or recording shared will have pieces of the creator’s life whether explicity stated or not.

And we will connect …


Does this video bring a story to mind for you?

If so, please leave a comment. I would love to hear it or how you might use it in your business brand or marketing.

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